By Aldo Sollazzo



What’s happening in Barcelona:
The second day of the GSS19 in Barcelona started with a visit in Valldaura labs, Iaac’s campus that is used as a testing ground for innovation that features the latest technologies in the fields of energy, information and fabrication.  The participants had the chance to explore multiple ongoing projects and also meet with the lab experts. Later they were introduced to some drone flying technics in theory and in practice with the help of the drone experts team. The goal was to collect data of the main building and its surrounding environment that was used later for the digital recreation of the space through Agisoft Metashape programme. The day closed with two inspiring presentations, the first held by Eugenio Bettucchi explaining the Romi Robotics for Microfarms european project  and Woodwose – Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction project, presented by Andrzej Foltman, Jean-Nicolas Alois Dackiw, Filip Bielicki.