• IAAC invites its Alumni to join the Call for Nodes and partner up with the Institute in extending the Global Summer School Network, by becoming one of the GSS Local Organizers around the world.
  • Propose a Country, a Local Brief and a Partner Institution/Studio to bring the Global Summer School to your city, leading one of the GSS Nodes of the 2020 edition.

IAAC Alumni, your relationship with us doesn’t end when you graduate. We promote our Alumni network to actively participate and lead IaaC agenda around the World, leading local programs while connecting to our global community. This Call for Nodes is open to all the IAAC Alumni who wish to bring the IAAC Global Summer School to their country, by becoming one of the GSS Local Organizers of the 2020 edition.

As you surely know, the IAAC GSS is a full-time two week summer workshop, happening from the 29th June until the 11th July 2020, which provides both practical and theoretical knowledge to participants.  Each year, international teams located in key cities around the globe explore a common agenda with projects that are deeply embedded in diverse local conditions.


With the current global crisis and urban growth rates, we are facing growing challenges to reshape our ecosystems, in order to improve resilience and introduce advanced solutions while still respecting our natural resources.  The GSS Global Agenda focuses on the impact of novel technologies in addressing these contemporary challenges within our built environment and living habitats. 

How can new technologies enhance the way we design and inhabit our environments?
How will these new habitats perform? What resources will they produce?

GSS20 will explore the advancements of innovative technologies of design, fabrication, and planning, redefining our ecosystems, citizens environments and natural habitats. Specifically, the GSS global agenda will be developed through three main approaches:

  • material computation
  • advanced construction
  • performative urban habitats

Each topic will be tackled locally by the different Nodes of the program network thereby establishing an interconnected global network of customised research enhanced through knowledge exchange.

As part of the GSS20 program, students will define new strategies for the application of data-driven design solutions, introducing data analytics, advanced construction protocols, or material computation as essential means for the change. In this new paradigm of digital and physical frontiers, students will explore and experiment with the combination of software and hardware technologies towards real-time data capture, energy generation, storage, and reuse, material adaptability, public space management, and citizen interaction.

The best proposals will be selected to be part of the IAAG GSS 2020.

As GSS Local Organizer, you will be in charge of:

  • Developing the GSS Local Brief, Organisation and Coordination;
  • Locating and renting Spaces that assure an agile development of the GSS workshop;
  • Assuring the adequacy of material and human resources in order to develop the workshop with academic freedom and independence;
  • Promoting the GSS locally in your country;
  • Managing the students applications and requests for information;
  • Assuring to your node a minimum number of 6 students

As the Main Organizer, IAAC provides all nodes with:

  • Remote coordination;
  • Educational Programme Management (providing advice and support);
  • Branding and Global Promotion (providing graphic and promotional materials);
  • Online Social Media Platforms (providing access to the platform and support);
  • Lectures Coordination.
  • Regional Review Setup.

The details about the revenue model between each node and IAAC will be communicated to the selected candidates only.

To join the Call for Nodes, you will need to submit:

  • Curriculum vitae + Portfolio
  • Node Proposal (max 2.000 characters)
  • Local Brief Proposal (max 2.000 characters)
  • Partner Institution / Studio / Location Proposal (max 2.000 characters)
  • Promotion Proposal (max 2.000 characters)

As soon as your submission will be evaluated, you will be contacted by the GSS organization committee to proceed further with your candidacy.