by Aldo Sollazzo


What’s happening in Manila:

Previous days in Manila, the participants were introduced to Advanced Architecture, which is interdisciplinary, multiscalar, human-centered and research-based. Also they became familiar with Rhino and Grasshopper softwares to start designing through parametrics, in preparation for the fabrication of a public pavilion in estero barangays. Day six started with a lecture on bamboo architecture and design by the experts on the topic Christian Salandanan and Lyle La. Later the participants went for a foot survey, to get to know the site and the community. They deduced the lack of relationship with the environment as unwanted garbage are thrown away and the estero is the chosen receptacle. For this reason the goal is to create iterations of “pavilions with their narratives” that can activate public spaces, mirror community activities, suggest interaction and develop values such as respect, community building and sharing.