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What’s happening today in NEW YORK:

GSS New York node program focuses on creating ‘body architectures’ conceived as mechanisms to augmenting the body in relation to the vertical architecture, urban spaces, and landscape systems that form the environment of New York city. These wearable devices serve to bring a hyper-awareness to the senses, as closed-loop cybernetic systems that utilize ‘digitized’ biometric and environmental data through the use of computational tools, sensing technologies, and actuation.
The design of body architectures requires hybrid design, merging multi-disciplinary topics related to art, biology, biotechnology, design, fashion, architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, computation, fabrication, and robotics. For this reason, GSS New York students are undergoing a design processes that involves making, tinkering, hacking, coding, data collection, 3D scanning, digital fabrication, and working with several physical computing technologies to explore new possibilities for wearable body architectures that evolve human-machine-environment interactions.

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