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What’s happening in BARCELONA:

The first day of the GSS18 started with the introduction to the workshop “Metallic Space” brief, in which participants will explore form-finding strategies through digital tools and scale model making how to build a series of digitally fabricated architectural elements in 1:1 scale.
Later on, students were introduced to software such as Rhinoceros and Grasshopper 3D by Rodrigo Aguirre, followed by the first Global Lecture where Dr. Petra Gruber, an architect with a strong interest in inter/transdisciplinary design, shared her knowledge straight from Melbourne to all the participating nodes of this GSS18 edition.
In the afternoon GSS students were divided into groups to visit the sites where the proposals will take place: Plaza dels Angels, Plaza Sant Jaume, and Plaza del Mar. The main task was to map the site according to 2 very important factors: flow of people and activities.
The following days,  GSS participants began to explore the potential of parametric design through Form Finding Protocols during computational design class. The first drafts from the site analysis were discussed in group along with the GSS tutors and advisers. The third day followed with another Global Lecture, this time live from Barcelona to all the nodes network, where Tomas Diez shared his knowledge on Digital Fabrication and its implications for the future of cities. Finally, Cristian Rizzuti, GSS Barcelona instructor, introduced Physical Computing to the participants, where Arduino will be embedded in their proposals.
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