7th IaaC Global Summer School Edition

Following the international success of the Global Summer School 2013 edition (Productive City), the GSS Program returns with a brief focusing on the Next City, or more appropriately, Our Next City.  What comes after the Smart City?  How will our daily lives be different?  Can we imagine a city where it isn’t electricity that mediates our lives, but instead, biological actuators communicate to us information about our environment?  How can we imagine the re-urbanization of our cities when new forces shape its growth?  How will wearable technology affect the way we interact with the city?

The Global Summer School 2014 Program will implement the following strategies:

• Parametric Design
• Digital Fabrication
• Alternative Energy Sources
• Wearable Technology
• Bio Sensors and Actuators
• Material Computation
• Physical Computing


As with each Global School, a multiscalar, and multi-site approach will be utilized to explore how the agenda unfolds with the particular economic, biological, and social factors of each locale.

• At the urban scale, we will imagine how a city could evolve under different forces

• At the building scale we will reconstruct a ‘smart city block,’ capable of producing and mitigating its production to and from the city.

• At the tectonic scale we will explore deployable systems and wearable technology

The 2014 IAAC GSS seeks to generate a series of fabricated prototypes which address the agenda through the multiple scales.

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