The Global School programme seeks to investigate common agendas in global locales.  For the 2013 edition, we are seeking participation from institutes in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and North America.  More information on global host locations to be published along with the launch of the applications on February 4th, 2013.

2013 GSS Agenda: Productive City

The production of energy, alimentation, and objects are key elements which establish the basic necessities to create self-sufficient habitats. The world’s population now largely resides in urban environments disconnected from where energy, alimentation, and objects are typically produced. The 2013 Edition of the IAAC GSS wants to address this disconnect and investigate which opportunities exist in urban environments for the production of these key elements.

As with each Global School, a multiscalar, and multi-site approach will be utilized to explore how the agenda unfolds with the particular economic, biological, and social factors of each locale.

-At the urban scale, we will identify potential productive regions in our urban habitats.

-At the building scale we will reconstruct a ‘smart city block,’ capable of producing and mitigating its production to and from the city.

-At the tectonic scale we will explore productive facade systems which are responsive to their location and local necessities.

The 2013 IAAC GSS seeks to generate a series of fabricated prototypes which address the agenda through multiple scales.

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