GSS 2017

Space Dynamics

Over the last decades a new generation of cities and urban planning paradigms have emerged. Technology has risen as a driving force defining new urban developments and government’s decisions. Cities have started to implement technology at different scales, providing more accurate models describing its functions, organization and relationships.

Within this context, Public Spaces are being redefined in their consistency.

The public space is the soul of the City. It is the area of overlap and interconnection: the place where the character of a Society is materialized and where all infrastructure networks that connect the City functional nodes come together. If the public space we inhabit today follows principles/protocols of the Industrial revolution, the Information society is boosting the emergence of new protocols for the design and performance of the various elements of Public Space.

GSS17 agenda focuses on the applications and implications of new technologies in the dynamic field of public space. Specifically GSS17 will focus on  the advancements of technologies of information, interaction and fabrication in the redefinition of public space, as catalyst for achieving resilience and high quality of life.

New modes of interaction among social, environmental and  economic agents can be fostered through the redefinition of the Public Space. How do we design and inhabit it? How does it perform? What does it produce?

As part of the GSS17 program, students will define strategies for the applications of Advanced Urban Technologies as essentials means for the change. Testing the combination of software and hardware students will explore real-time data capture, energy generation, storage and reuse, material adaptability, real-time management of time-uses and citizen-space interaction.



Aldo Sollazzo
GSS Director

Francesca Conte
GSS Coordinator

Miriam Sivianes Mendía
Admissions Coordinator

Federica Ciccone
GSS Coordinator


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