IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Global Summer School Program 2020
Online Course
: Computational Design // form-finding and physics simulations
Duration: from the 29th June until the 3rd July 2020


Ph credits: Abhishek Sharma / Brenda Freitas / Dusan Savicevic / Francesco Polvi / Ibrahim Kukne

“Digital Morphologies”
studies lightweight, low-mass and self-supporting convoluted structures. Linking computational design and optimisation methods,
with advanced manufacturing protocols and assembly processes, this workshop explores the development of digital tectonics into structures that unify
envelope, structure, form, and experience into a unique system

The main objective of this workshop is the design of thin-shell systems that push the limits of form, structure, and space.

Meshing as a design tool

The topological properties of meshes permit to discretise, tessellate, cluster and segment single continuous bodies. This conjunction of actions addresses
new ways to describe complex self-supportive curvilinear surfaces into series of developable flat components with tangential overlaps for efficient
fabrication and construction.

At course completion the student will:

  • Learn how to use meshing tools to create complex geometries.
  • Implement mesh topological relations as a form-finding tool. 
  • Understand the concepts of mesh discretisation and tessellation.
  • Apply clustering and segmentation on meshes.
  • Be capable to create parametric fabrication workflows.


Option 1 – Synchronous calendar (Barcelona time – GMT+2)
Recommend to  European, African, Asian and Australian participants.

From Monday 29th June until Friday 3rd July 2020
Teaching activities will run from 10.00 to 14.00 GMT+2
– 10 hrs of live teaching
– 10hrs of live mentoring and exercises review
– 1 hr of IAAC summer lecture

Option 2 – Asynchronous calendar (America time – GMT-4)
Solution recommended to participants from all the time zones who are looking for a more flexible schedule.
From Monday 29th June until Saturday 4th July
Live teaching activities will run from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm (GMT-4)
– 10 hrs of recorded teaching
– 10hrs of live mentoring and exercises review
– 1 hr of IAAC summer lecture


Rodrigo Aguirre is a Nicaraguan architect specialised in the fields of parametric tooling, digital fabrication and manufacturing. He obtained his bachelor
in architecture at UAM (American University) in Managua, Nicaragua and completed the two-year Master in Advanced Architecture at the Institute
for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona, Spain.

His ongoing collaboration with the Institute’s REsearch + DEvelopment department and IAAC special projects have involved advanced form finding
and computational methods related to generative design. He is a principal member of the computational faculty and has acted as studio instructor
for the master’s programmes in 2014. His work as a ‘Tallerista’ has led to his involvement with workshops related to the translation of computational
protocols to the fabrication of physical prototypes. From 2013-15 he has coordinated international workshops in Brazil and Nicaragua related to
digital tooling and participated as faculty in multi-scalar design workshops in Egypt and China, the latter of which focused on the production of 1:1
scale construction.

Rodrigo has also been involved with the last three editions of IAAC’s Global Summer School (GSS), acting as a tutor in 2012-13, and coordinator of the
affiliated Global School in St. Petersburg, Russia during the 2014 session. He continues his involvement in the 2015 edition as a coordinator, tutor and
manager of communications and digital media.