With a technical background as an aerospace engineer specialized in sustainable technologies, Francesca Arcuri has been a consultant at MIC since 2009. Her professional experience started in 2007 as a research assistant and later as a consultant for the Politecnico di Milano. At MIC, she has worked as a transport planning consultant on several international projects, gaining experience especially at the masterplan and urban scale. Along the years, she has developed a specific expertise on sustainable planning and innovative mobility systems, with a special focus on the relation between pedestrian and vehicular environments, as well as on alternative mobility solutions such as sharing and on demand solutions.

She has been consulting some of the most renown architectural firms such as Foster + Partners, OMA and SOM, having the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects where transport and urban environment are thought of holistically. Due to the strict relation between these topics and the high technological Modafinil without prescription at http://windhampharmacy.com content, since 2013 she is reference person at MIC for the Research and Innovation Department. Francesca has been also lecturing about digital technology applied to transportation and she is currently part of the teaching team at the IAAC in Barcelona. She is co-author along with Federico Parolotto of several papers about sustainable mobility and a new approach in transport planning, a topic that is also a driver for MIC’s work, where she currently covers a position as senior consultant and project manager.