Every city has its own personality; it is located in a territory that provides natural and cultural context to it. The interrelation of these factors, its flows and its systems network,  plus the cultural model are what, little by little, shape a new reality, which is what we now identify as the city: these processes allow for a city to be or not, a cultural focal point of a country or region.  GSS17-MTY will explore these natural and cultural behaviors as a starting point for understanding the city as a system of systems, seeking to identify potential models of the new nature of the city, finding their interconnections and developing prospective patterns for the production of new urban spaces through advanced technologies. The connection between new models of public space, generation of data, and advanced manufacturing methodologies will be explored through the exchange of data and interaction at the GSS17-MTY.

Monterrey is one of Mexico’s cultural focal points, with a great industrial tradition and accelerated growth, processes that aid in the generation of the city we have today, hence when visiting Monterrey you ask yourself what the city really is and what the limit is between the ideal theoretical model and the relativistic evolution of a territory.


Global Summer School MTY is a full-time two-week course that provides both practical and theoretical knowledge. Its structure consists in three main learning modules, led by expert tutors. In addition, lectures by renowned professionals and academics relevant to the topics to be treated during the course. These will be broadcasted in the different node-cities, all globally connected. The lecture program will be announced prior to GSS commencement. The following three course modules aim towards a common objective: the fabrication of a 1:1 urban machining intervention, transferring and digitally interrelating multiple sets of data collected from hyper-connected cities.

(Urban Strategies and Technology)

(Generative Design and Data)

(Fabrication and Robotics)


Fernando Meneses-Carlos

Daniela Frogheri

Alejandra Díaz de León

Mariano Ferreti


IAAC GSS is open to creative and innovative people who are interested in fields such as architecture, urban planning, digital fabrication, design, etc., searching for a multidisciplinary experience in an international environment. No previous skills are required, although CAD design, programming and digital fabrication skills are welcome. After the course, the participants will have gained theoretical and applicative knowledge about current urban innovative strategies. Moreover, they will become familiar with parametric software, data visualization and the use of digital machines. Non Mexican applicants should be aware that a visa may be required. Each participant is responsible to investigate what documents are required via the embassies in their country of origin. The school will provide a confirmation letter regarding the participation in the course, and will assist where possible in the process. 

The fees of Monterrey Summer School are 700€(without accommodation) and 900€(accommodation included). The fee includes all material costs needed for the course and no additional registration fee is required. Flight tickets and food are not included in the fee. Each participant should bring his/her own computer with the software installed. Further details about the software will be given to the participants upon acceptance. In order to register to the Global Summer School, participants need to submit the online application form, where they will be asked to upload a letter of intent and a CV. Portfolio is not required.


The course is going to take place in FabLab Monterrey / Roberto Garza Sada Center (CRGS), Universidad de Monterrey, México.


The course will take place from the 3th until the 16th of July in 2017. 


In the end of the course all participants will receive a Global Summer School Diploma.


The official languages of the course are English and Spanish.


The applications are open until the 30th of May.