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What’s happening in PARIS:

This year’s Global Summer School in Paris is happening in the context of the Fab City Summit, an invitation to take part of the transformation towards a more sustainable and accessible future for the cities that become locally productive and globally connected through collaboration and disruptive technologies. The challenge of this GSS summer program relies on the possible future transformations of the way we consume and produce almost anything in cities, making them more sustainable and resilient, by enabling local production and global collaboration using traditional knowledge and advanced technologies.
During the first week the students set up an Urban Farm in the Parc de la Villette, where they will learn how to robot with Rover, Drone, Balloon and CableBot in different teams. This collaboration is possible thanks to Noumena, a multidisciplinary company based in Barcelona and the ROMI – European project on Robotics for Microfarms, a project developed with  IAAC, SONY and other interdisciplinary experts to help farmers by monitoring crops through the combination of  land based and aerial robotics to offer farming communities detailed multi-scalar crop monitoring applications for complex and dense planting layouts, weeding and manual tools that reduce physical stresses and increase yields.

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