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What’s happening today in QUITO:

Students are focusing on the ongoing research conducted at the Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) regarding the conceptual design of such lightweight structures. The workshop aims to explore non-standard dynamic articulations of form- and bending-active elements by bridging the gap between physical and digital models. During these days, participants are exploring the integration of highly intuitive and interactive physically-based techniques within parametric and associative modelling environments, digital fabrication protocols and natural materials. The goal is to fabricate a large-scale demonstrator aiming to open a discussion regarding adaptive lightweight structures and its role in the sustainable development of our building environment.
Today the students will be given a lecture by Estudio Felipe Escudero, about building in the post digital age. The studio was founded by the Ecuadorian architect Felipe Escudero in 2012, EFE is a Quito-based innovative firm focusing on design, business tactics, and experiential innovation. They focus on design urban strategies and architectural solutions by redefining challenging conditions as design opportunities, collaborating with experts from all fields.

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